Love Nikki – Tips & Tricks


Love Nikki is the best role playing game in the current time. Mobile game designs and graphics are getting so much better than previous versions of games. Right now Glu Games is one the best developers of mobile games, they have released many top rated games. Kim Kardashian Hollywood is available on Appstore and Playstore free. The game contains free items and some premium items, premium items are purchased by real money and Love Nikki.

Tips and Tricks

  • Players are allowed to create their own aspiring character that will be a celebrity after completing all tasks in the game. The game contains so many tasks regarding modeling, dating, adopt pets, parting and many tasks that help to gain popularity and reputation among fans all around the world.
  • Personalize the character – Players can choose any dress for the character to wear although there thousands of dresses available in stores. While purchasing for the first time, it takes cash and if there is a premium dress, it only takes real money or stars. If all of these things are low, then players can purchase currencies from Kim Kardashian money cheats.
  • Throw parties – Parties are the easiest way to earn experience and reputation points while enjoying and chilling with gigs. Parties indicate that person is loyal and fun and it helps to increase the number of fans. Parties also provide new missions and tasks which give fan and star both.
  • Purchase of cars and airplane – Traveling through own vehicle is easy in the game, and with private vehicles the player does not have to wait for public vehicles.
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